Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting started

I'm just getting started, so I'll ask everyone to bear with me.

In the coming weeks I want to reply to any number of questions readers have asked, among them why has Kirk McGarvey switched from the old reliable James Bond Walther PPK. A few years ago he switched from the 7.65 mm version to the 9 mm, but lately he's been using a Wilson tactical grade 9 mm modeled after the old army 1911A1 Colt. But this is probably one of the most accurate pistols anywhere in the world at this time. Why carry 15 or 17 10 mm rounds in a pistol with dubious accuracy, when you can carry half that many and hit what you're aiming at?

I also want to discuss what I call flash points--that is places where with very small provocations large events can suddenly erupt. Places like the Taiwan Strait, or the border between North and South Korea---this is a North Koren armed with nuclear weapons and the rockets to deliver them, by some estimates, as far as the U.S. West Coast.

And I'd like the share my views on such notions as Israel taking out Iran's nuclear program. The thought of that sponsor of international terrorism armed with nuclear weapons is the stuff of novels and real world nightmares. Of course Israel could only succeed if the U.S. sold it bunker busting bombs.

I want to do some posts on my writing. I'm working on a pair of Kirk McGarvey books at the moment. In the moring it's GOD PROJECT: THE SEA (you can read more about this book on my website at david-hagberg.com.) on which I just hit page 332 this morning. In the afternoon it's THE CABAL, the sequel to DANCE WITH THE DRAGON and THE EXPEDITER, on which I hit page 276 today. I should have both delivered sometime this fall.

And then, of course, there'll be the day-to-day events on the international stage from which I write my novels. There's an ancient Chinese curse that says: May you live in interesting times.

We certainly do!


  1. Hi David: Isn't there some way, somehow you an bring back Huk Kim, your drop-dead gorgeous hitwoman in THE EXPEDITER? She was one of your best characters ever! That's saying something because Patty Monroe in BURNED was one terrific heroine. Keep the good work.
    Your fan,
    Bob G.

  2. Israel attacking Iran is a blueprint for Armagedon. Nukes are too widespread in too many rogue places, to knock them all out -- it's time to come up with something more promising than bombs to solve the problem of bombs -- either do it with an olive branch or wipe the rogue nations completely off the map -- since neither seems promising, we will just keep blundering along, waiting for the next ????? to drop.

  3. Bob G

    Thanks for the kind words. Huk Kim was a favorite of mine too. It seems counter-intuitive to think that although she and her husband were assassins for hire, she was basically a good person. She did what she had to do simply out of love for her husband. A powerful motivation.

  4. Junius,

    I would agree with you if Iran already had a stock of working nukes--hell even one weapon. But the fact is they don't and we do not want to let them develop one. It's interesting to note that most of the exercises that the Israeli Air Force conduct are no more than two or three hundred miles out. Some of Iran's major nuclear installations are six hundred miles from Tel Aviv. A few months ago the Israelis conducted an exercise with a radius of six hundred miles. No coincidence I think. So how about a surgical strike now, before it's too late?

  5. A surgical strike isn't going to get rid of the nuclear cancer, it will only spread it and will rally support behind the bad guys who use the concept of developing nukes to keep in power -- Israel has been successfully fighting and winning with superior tactics and weapons for over 60 years -- its enemies and rogue states are catching up with the technology -- and we are at risk almost as much as Israel -- it seems even Myamar (sp?) wants to now join the nuclear club -- we need a cure, not a bandaid -- you've created dozens of scenarios in which you keep the lid on Armagedon -- you need to come up one that will make rogue states realize the danger to them is so great, they can't play the nuclear game.

  6. Well, this is a lot of food for thought.

    First, I must confess, David, that I'm not familiar with your books but have full intention of doing so. Especially since we met in San Antonio.

    Second, in regard to the pistol, well, the CZ-52, which my character Tomas Fallon carries in FALLON'S WAKE is actually the better weapon. It is the weapon that the original Carlos the Jackal used and is probably the best all-around pistol that an agent could carry. There is an account of when the Suerte cornored Carlos in an apartment building in Paris and Carlos managed to escape during a shoot-out. One round from his CZ went through the policeman, through a landing in a stairwell, through an apartment wall, and embedded itself in another apartment wall. When I was researching for the ideal weapon, I contacted a friend of mine who was (1) a gun collector and (2) had worked for one of the intelligence agencies. He didn't even hesitate but named the CZ-52 and even bought two of them so I could try them out. They were incredibly accurate and powerful, little recoil compared to other pistols, and the cartridges easy to obtain. I had never heard of it before I went searching for the "ideal" handgun for someone like Fallon to carry.

    Third, anytime you are dealing with trying to limit members in the nuclear club you are only going to be able to apply a bandaid. BUT wouldn't you like to have a bandaid on a deep cut to keep it from being infected? You can only do what you can do but that doesn't mean because there isn't a permanent solution that you shouldn't keep trying. You are probably only going to get temporary favorable results but at least you are going to stave off the inevitable. There is no cure. None. For one reason is that you cannot legislate morality in any court or government and that includes the World Court and United Nations investigating teams. Rogue states are rogues because they simply don't care about the danger to themselves. AND, I believe that Marshal McCluhan was correct: we live in a global village where the media reigns supreme. You cannot keep such things "under one's hat" anymore. You are not going to creat any scenarios that will make everyone suddenly aware of the danger to themselves.